I think the Red Wedding "twist" was more of a character rug-pulling than Ned's beheading - the amount of time that elapsed from Robb Stark realizing he, his wife, and mother were set up to be killed was miniscule, maximizing the rug pulling. In Ned's case, while he may have had no idea that divulging (or finding out)… » 1/28/15 1:07pm Wednesday 1:07pm

But saying, "I'm here so I don't get fined" isn't? I have no problem with the guy not "playing ball" with the so-called journalists, but it's just a tad hypocritical to say that repeating the same thing in answer to any question "becomes run down" but then he goes ahead and answers any question by repeating the same… » 1/28/15 3:33pm Wednesday 3:33pm

Being in the market for a new car, I test drove two of these based on the review(s) on this site - one Sport, one Grand Touring. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the interior quality - I felt it was cheaply made and not well put-together. The only car that was worse was the Nissan Altima S (although the higher trim… » 1/26/15 11:56am 1/26/15 11:56am

The variety of flavors of kettle chips makes this an easy choice - original, sea salt & vinegar, cracked pepper & sea salt, jalapeno, maui onion, cheddar, bbq. I'll take these over any ridged chip any day of the week (only exception would be sour cream & cheddar ruffles, but that was a different bracket). » 1/23/15 2:16pm 1/23/15 2:16pm

I can't see Jenner being in the Walking Dead prequel as anyone of substance. IIRC he said he was just a low-level employee there but his wife was one of the smartest people at the CDC trying to figure the whole thing out. I could see her playing more of a role in the prequel, but Jenner himself only becomes important… » 1/21/15 6:16am 1/21/15 6:16am

That's the first thing that popped in my head. Knowing this was an AMC vehicle, I can't see Kirkman putting in language like that. Although, the end of season 4 was way better with Rick saying they were "fucking with the wrong people" instead of "screwing with the wrong people." » 1/21/15 5:43am 1/21/15 5:43am

I made the leap in logic that "dying out in one generation" was due to the fact that immunity to the plague isn't dependent on the parents genetics and may or may not be passed on to future generations. So, if 7 billion people died, there'd be roughly 500 million people left on Earth that were immune to the plague in… » 1/20/15 8:12am 1/20/15 8:12am

Already got an email from my aunt pretty much saying this exact thing. My cousin was at Penn State when that went down and has not only been a vocal Paterno apologist, but thinks that the University did nothing wrong. Ugh. Those people are the worst. » 1/16/15 1:59pm 1/16/15 1:59pm

I will never, ever forget 4th & 26. But damn if this video doesn't make me smile every time I see it, just because I know that Vikings fans got to feel the way I did after both the pick in the Eagles game as well as the first pass in OT against the Giants in '07 in the NFC Championship game. » 1/16/15 1:24pm 1/16/15 1:24pm

I'd have to argue that the Bourne trilogy movies would be a lot higher than what's listed, since the metric used is "pages adapted." Holy hell, there really isn't much remotely similar between the books and films other than a few things here and there. No way can you count the whole book as being adapted. » 1/06/15 1:45pm 1/06/15 1:45pm