So, how does that make it any different from any team’s home field? Every stadium in the MLB is unique in some way that would benefit the home team in one way, shape or form (old Metrodome turf was like concrete; Minute Maid park center field slope; any of the number of fields that have the bullpen on the field; and… » 4/15/15 4:41pm Wednesday 4:41pm

Regarding the speeding ticket, I think more information is needed, especially since he said that they had to be at their destination by a particular time. If the reason the driver had to be speeding was because one (or more) of the other four were fucking around when they stopped to switch to the 5th driver,… » 4/14/15 2:53pm 4/14/15 2:53pm

Unless there's something really specific I want to eat in the stadium (I'm looking at you Pulled Pork Parfait), this is the way to go. The best is bringing in a big-ass bag of salted in-the-shell peanuts or sunflower seeds and maybe a sandwich. » 4/10/15 1:37pm 4/10/15 1:37pm